Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ouija Boards and Demons Part II Colorado St. Bridge Pasadena, CA

Back in 2007, I had recently dealt with a friend that was dealing with a demonic possession through the use of a Ouija Board. So after that was all said and done, you'd think we had learned are lesson right? Well, apparently not. The good news about this whole thing, is that I was eighteen years old so I didn't know any better. Neither did my friend.
After are previous experience (if you haven't read it, go to my previous article Paranormal: Ouija Board and Demons. You'll learn everything there), we decided to take the Ouija Board to a location that is said to be haunted. We went to the Colorado St. Bridge also known as Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, CA. We had captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from this location, so we thought it was a good fit. On top of that, we had purchased a black candle for our session. I believe the purpose of the black candle was used to summon spirits. I know that a black candle can be used for either good or bad, but I don't think we attracted anything good here.
We started off our session under the bridge with the black candle lit. We had a digital recorder rolling at the same time to see if any voices would come through. As we progressed in our session, my friend had asked "Have I seen you before" referring to our previous incident with the Ouija Board. We came across some entity by the name of WIV. About 15 minutes later, we ended our session with Ouija Board and returned to his house to review the recording on our digital recorder. When we came across the question "Have I seen you before", about five seconds later, a voice came through saying "YES!" The voice sounded terrifying. It sounded like a very elderly and very terrifying woman. This response startled us.

About a month later, my friend had left up north for college. I decided to pay him a visit. While I was visiting, we were looking up haunted places in the NAPA valley. As we were looking, we came across Mountain Cemetery in Sonoma, CA. It seemed promising, so we decided to pay a visit. As soon as we arrived, we started rolling on our digital recorder. Within the first 90 seconds of our investigation, a voice came through saying "HEY!" The thing about the voice that came through, is that it was the same voice we had captured back at the Colorado St. Bridge. Keep in mind, this cemetery and that bridge is over 400 miles away from each other and that same voice came through! This shocked us when we reviewed our evidence. My friend believed it followed him in reference to his question "Have I seen you before." I then began to laugh at him (guys have a strange and twisted sense of humor when they are really good friends). He just looked at me and smiled saying (.....I hate you.)

After I had left, he thought about this entity and thought to himself that he had the power to get rid of it. It didn't have to stay with him. So he decided to himself that this entity was not welcomed in his life and that it had to go. Since then, I report nothing of this entity ever showing up again. This is a serious situation, but perhaps laughing at the situation is a way of coping with it and getting rid of these entities. I had done so the other time I had dealt with a demonic entity toying with my emotions, so it seems not taking it too seriously is effective and angers malevolent entities. It's like you give power to yourself instead of the demon. A demon's goal is to destroy humanity in anyway it can. Don't give the power to it. Remember, whatever you resist persists.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Paranormal's Controversial Communication Tool

There are many terrifying stories about the Ouija Board. I was first made aware of it back in grammar school. I went to a Catholic School, so spirit communication was brought up and how the Catholic church looked down upon it. However, in the case of the Ouija Board, they have a good point. 

There was a nun that told us some creepy stories about the board. She was crazy herself in her teachings, but again in this case, it was the acception of the Ouija Board. It does have a strange power to it. There's something about having letters and numbers on a board that gives clarity and crystalizes the visualization. I guess this is what makes it so dangerous. 

The stories she presented to us sent chills down our spines and gave goosebumps as well. There was one story where a group of teenaged girls were having a slumber party and were playing with the board. The teenaged girl who was having the slumber party had a little brother. While they were all in her room together, the brother was on his own and went into the kitchen to either get something to drink or eat. In the middle of their Ouija Board session, the younger brother was standing under the oven, and the oven door came slamming down on his head by itself. Thankfully, he suffered minor injuries.

The other stories she told us were equally as disturbing. There was one girl that had heard bad things about the Ouija Board. As soon as she learned the dangers of the board, she went home, split the board in half, and threw it in the garbage. The garbage came that day and took the trash. Later that night, she opened one of her drawer's to find the board back in her possession put back together in perfect condition. Another story was told where a man also learned about the dangers of the Ouija Board. As soon as he learned more about the item, he decided to burn it. However, while it was burning, he felt like he was burning along with it. 

The Ouija Board is truly a terrifying item in the spirit world. Why is it so powerful? The mystery continues. 

Ouija Boards and Demons

The subject of demons can be a frightening one. Especially when you have no idea what it’s intentions and purposes are.
Back in 2007, I had a group of friends experiment with a Ouija board at a park right across from a cemetery. They were experimenting with it and had some strange things happened. They called me and told me that I needed to get over here and see for myself. Unfortunately for them, the moment I had shown up is when it all stopped, so this did not make them feel any better. I could see their reactions to using a Ouija Board, so I believed what they were telling me. Shortly there after, I had joined them in the car and as soon as we started driving, houses that we would pass by that had their porch lights on would turn off. I soon as we drove by it, the lights would turn back on. It was a strange thing that was happening.
We then decided to take the Ouija Board to a church that was near by thinking that it would attract some kind of good spirit. We took it to the parking lot since it was night and we couldn’t go in. After a series of questions, a spirit had come forth saying that she was a female spirit and seemed to have good energy. She had communicated with us through the Ouija Board that some type of evil entity by the name of WIV had gotten to us. We took it to this location a few more times because we felt that the spirit was harmless and we liked interacting with her.
Since it was Summer, a friend of mine was studying for finals and didn’t have a lot of time. It was then, that the idea had come across her mind to get help from the woman spirit we had been interacting with. She had thought that this spirit could help her with her finals, so she decided to open herself up to her. Come finals, she had gotten straight A’s on all of her exams. Everything was great, with one big problem. The “woman spirit” turned out to be the entity WIV.
I had gotten a call from my friend asking to meet up with them. He said “Dude, you just have to come over here.” When I arrived, they said “say something about WIV.” I said “All right, f*** WIV.” As soon as I said that, the friend that had opened herself up the woman spirit (who turned out to be WIV) had given me a nice little slap across the face. I had stood there for about a minute or two wondering what in the world had just happened. She then said “I didn’t do it. It was WIV.” I actually did believe her. Her facial expressions indicated that she was herself and as soon as i gave that nice little greeting, her face suddenly turned angry. At that point, I was thinking in my mind that she’s possessed.
It was very strange. It was like she had major bi-polar disorder or she was a really good actor. She was neither. When we hung out that day, if we started talking about things that we loved, she would start saying extremely harsh things about them with a sick sadistic smile. She made remarks about my all time favorite hero Jack Bauer saying that he was a fa**ot. At that point, I decided to laugh at what this demon was doing. It was toying with my emotions and I thought it was cute. I also thought that it was pathetic that it was using a sixteen year olds body to do it's dirty work.
That night, a friend of mine knew some rituals. The intent of the rituals were to cast the demon out. As we were sitting down at her house, I noticed that she kept looking at holy statues that were in her backyard giving that grin once again. She wanted to break them. At the same time, she was resisting and this was making her cry. As my friend did his rituals on her, it was like she was spiritually regurgitating this entity. She would lean way back and then jolt forward aggressively. She did this constantly. It got to a point to where it looked like she was about levitate into the air. After doing this several times, there was no success. Part of me felt like the demon was staying because something about her didn't want her to let go. At the same time though when it was her, I could see the pain on her face from thinking about doing evil things like breaking statues of saints. This lead to exorcism. I wasn't there for that part, I had a plane trip to Hawaii. I figured I had dealt with witnessing someone being possessed enough.
She was exorcised and was fully back to herself the next day. Every once in a while, I wonder what the initials WIV mean. I was at an event called Beyond Reality Events back in 2010, and a demonologist by the name of Adam Blai was there to do a presentation on demonology. It was at that presentation, that I learned that demons never take on their true form. Their con-artists. They appear in the form of something you're sympathetic too in order to lure you in. Lesson learned.